Halloween 2-Hour Werkout!
31 Oct
All day 360MBS
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Vikki and Ashanti tag team for 2-hours in this sexy 2-hour workout guaranteed to make you sweat, feel sexy and
Man UP!
13 Oct
5:30 am 360MBS
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Once an athlete, always an athlete! Even if you’re a busy guy, you can drop fat, get healthy and get
Ready, Set… Sweat!
13 Oct
7:00 am 360MBS
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Ready, Set… Sweat! is the total package! Intense workouts, nutritional guidance, personalized attention, accountability and a workout environment that welcomes
Lose the Fat, Get My Sexy Back!
26 Oct
8:30 am 360MBS
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Get your SEXY back with 360 MBS!    Lose the Fat, Get My Sexy Back Bootcamp is available at just  $175.00 for


Are you ready for a new You by 2016? Lose weight, get fit and train your mind to stay fit
The New Year, New You Weight-Loss Challenge! 3.5 Months of returning to You making a change 360MBS! Are you ready
The New Year, New You Weight-Loss Challenge! 3.5 Months of returning to You making a change 360MBS! Are you ready





Just want to tell you that Sunday was an experience I will never forget. I am in sales, but I am not an in the front type person. I really faced my fears on Sunday and I am so glad that I did. I am proud to be apart of the 360 family.  You make me proud to be a Black Woman. Thanks for all you do!
Marilyn, -
I want to say thank you for making me face myself. This challenge has been such an awakening of who I really am mind body and soul. I have learned so much about me and I have you to thank for that. Thank you. You are truly a Godsend.
Bea Thompson, -
I just wanted to say THANK YOU!.. your motivating words during Fresh Air last night really helped me through a difficult situation this morning.  You’re a rockstar!
Lynnette, -
I absolutely love 360mbs and refer it to others all of the time. You have built an amazing business that not only positively impacts the body physically but also the mind and soul.  That’s deep.  You make us talk and think about all of the things that we would prefer to avoid.  In the midst of all of it, you provide us with an atmosphere that builds tighter associations and friendships amongst women and I truly do love it.  I really love the music as well.  You are the best and I truly thank you for all that YOU do Ashanti!  Because trust, I would have never planned on attending a mudrunner event if I hadn’t joined 360.  LOL!!  And mess up my hair, lol!
Robin L. Carter, -


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Register for classes online or in-studio prior to attending. Failure to register may result in being placed on the wait-list or class cancellation without notification.




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