360.Mind.Body.Soul, the Physique Factory is a one of a kind fitness studio that helps Return You to You!

Mission: To help men and women return to themselves realizing when they give themselves attention, they will grow, evolve and actualize their weight-loss goals faster. We strive to change the way they think about fitness, their bodies and their world to create balance and harmony so they manifest their goals. We do this through education, teamwork and supportive environment. We remind you to be mindful of you.

360.Mind.Body.Soul is for those ready for mental and physical fitness. We believe weight gain and loss is a side-effect of your stress-level. This is important to consider, because lowering stress can change your body hormonally and lead to higher consistency, self-efficacy and drive. 360’s main function is to return you to you and remind you to balance mind, body and soul.

360 has helped hundreds of clients lose over 20,000 pounds in 7 years! Its seldom we change old habits, but we can replace them with healthy ones once we realize the value! 360 offers over 50 results-driven fitness classes like Throw Down™, Cycle, HIIT, Shredded, Barre, MetaFit, Shredded and Meditation. To ensure safety and results fitness classes are only taught by certified instructors who have a personal story of their own. Our goal is to keep you challenged, losing weight and excited!

360 is a social club for professional, active adults that have made health a priority. We host fitness events throughout the year to keep you connected & inspired.

To help members maintain a long-term healthy lifestyle, we offer:

  • Unlimited monthly class options
  • Dramatic weight-loss challenges
  • Workout Special Events
  • Mental fitness workshops
  • Lifestyle meal plans
  • Personal training

We offer options for every budget including:

  • Monthly rates
  • Weekly rates
  • Day passes.

At 360 we believe acceptance and awareness of your situation makes your situation REAL, creating REAL changes.