Bikini + Trunk Challenge 2019

SESSION 1: Jan 5 - Feb 16

SESSION 2: Feb 23 - Jun 26

SESSION 1 & 2: Jan 5 - Jun 26


Join the proven weight-loss program for men and women that has helped Chicagoland lose over 50,000 pounds!


bikini groupcostarica.jpg


  • Fitness Classs

  • Quickfire Battles

  • Success Coach + Team

  • Mental Fitness

  • Meal Plan

  • Health Screenings (optional)

  • Reveal Show & Socials

  • Recipe Cookoff

  • Fitness Tests

  • Team Apparel

  • Photo Shoot

  • Awards Ceremony


Goal must be a minimum of 15% your current body weight; if you are 180+ your goal must be a minimum of 20% your current body weight.

Take as many classes as possible per week for points!

Meet beginning March, challenge meets Monday mornings, every 2 weeks 5AM OR 6AM. Your attendance is necessary to your success.

During team competitions, 80% of your team must be present in order you to qualify.

Hit your goal by final weigh-in and you will be invited to the Bikini + Trunk photo shoot (in Chicago or Destination vacation).


Prepare for your workshop

The number 1 hinderance to success in the Bikini + Trunk Challenge in 15 cohorts seems to be time-management. Let’s face it, its difficult to make time for You that doesn’t include eating or relaxing.

In preparation for reprioritizing your life to include health, wellness and mental clarity please begin to make room 1-hour every 2 weeks Saturday mornings in session 1 and clear your Monday mornings of events and commitments for session 2 from March - June.

We will do everything else.



Average weight-lost per person is 30 pounds and 13% body weight per person.

86% of challengers finish the challenge.

75% hit or SURPASS their challenge goal.


You must give notice 15-calendar days notice if you would like to cancel your challenge by emailing Cancellation of the challenge will take place the day the cancellation fee is charged or at the time of the request and you will no longer be able to take advantage of any challenge components. No pro-ration will be awarded if you choose to cancel, as it is your decision to cancel at any time.

No refunds under any circumstance.