New Year, New You Challenge


“Weight-loss is not outside of you!

It’s not in a food scale, a top-of-the-line blender, a pill, a potion, several gym memberships or even this challenge;

It’s within you and starts with your intention.”

-Ashanti, Owner 360.Mind.Body.Soul.


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  • 80% of 360’s Challengers hit their goal; 90% finish, losing considerable weight.

  • 360’s challengers have goals as low as 12 pounds and as high as 60 pounds. Our average Challenger loses 30 pounds. 

  • You will learn tools to gain control over your mind AND body leading to long term maintenance. You will have the education to lose weight should you gain any back.

  • You will create relationships with your teammates that will extend beyond the challenge and keep you accountable.

  • You will create a vision for your life and let go of your parent’s, partner’s version of how your life should go, or what you should look, feel or be like.

  • You will becoming stronger in your soul awareness.

  • You will define the “New You” and be responsible for demonstrating that in December.


Mental fitness workshops – Mondays at 5AM OR 6AM (2x a month). Each session is intended to equip you with tools to keep you motivated and mindful before you arrive in mindsets that slow your progress.

Class count – Yes it seems hard to get in a lot of workouts, but we only have 16 weeks so we need to hit this goal FAST & HARD! GO!!!

Accountability Coach – We all need someone strong in moments when we are weak. Your Accountably Coach is there to keep you on track and give you a mirror when you go the wrong way.

Teamwork – Let’s face it, you have tried to lose weight alone and it didn’t last long. A team adds fun, accountability, competition, support, motivation and a real example of what is possible.

Meal plan – Everyone thinks they “don’t eat that bad” however a meal plan ensures your choices will keep the scale moving in the right direction.

Updating the stats chalk board – Keeps you accountable and your goal to be deemed a REAL not something to play with.

Weekly Weigh-ins & Measurement Tracking – This challenge is an experiment on you; YOU MUST WEIGH-IN WEEKLY. We are trying to find your perfect weight-loss formula with Workouts + Meals + Sleep – Stress + Fun = ___Xlbs lost_. How can we answer that equation without weekly information from the scale/measuring tape?

Nutrition Facts – To make great decisions you have to know what nutrients to look for and the thresholds to which they should stop.

Cooking Healthy 101 – Meal prep companies are GREAT however if you don’t plan on paying companies forever, well, you’re going to have to learn how to cook your favs to create a healthy lifestyle.

Best Practices: Meal Preparation & Menu Ordering – Simple tips and tricks to keep you on track on the road and beyond.

Monthly Turn Up – Celebration & fun is a necessary component to any difficult task. If you are having fun you will be motivated to keep going!

Learn Your Weight-Loss Formula - Everything is “figureoutable.” Its not difficult to lose weight, but it does take your time and mental fitness to stay with the process to figure it out. By the time you leave the New Year, New You Challenge (if you have taken full advantage of all components) you will have learned your fitness formula.


Sign up for our INFORMATIONAL SESSION Sun, August 18th 2-3PM Click HERE!



Non-Members: $2,150   Members: $900

Non-Members: 3-payments of $716.66

Members: 3-payments of $300


Non-Members: $2,500   Members: $950

*Payments can be split into 3-payments